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At the advanced level, Set Up is the most dynamic movement in the National Training System. Set Up requires the application of attention, skill, and care to successfully choreograph intention, breath, rhythm, and intensity control (software) with a range of corresponding motor movements (hardware).

When executed correctly, it is the step in the shot cycle where the most work is done to the bow AND Barrel of the Gun is formed; Without Barrel of the Gun, we are void of the skeletal alignment and therefore the ability for the mental calm needed to achieve the most important step in the shot cycle, Holding.

This Training Session separates the movements of Set Up into 4 Phases: Posture, Raise the Bow, Transition, and Coiling. I prompt you with a variety of cues at each phase and, after choosing ONE cue, you practice one cue for each Phase during a timed 5 Minutes Of Focus with a long mirror and band or training bow.

The cues are intended to inform and accelerate your learning (even boost retention), not interrupt it. If none of the cues in this session are ideal for you, perhaps they will inspire you to create ones that are more effective for you. The content is dense and designed for the intermediate or advanced athlete looking to improve their Set Up or move from push-pull archery form to NTS. Coaches may also benefit from learning new cues or observing the Coaching Session design. If you are fairly new to it and want to jump in – the cues could certainly help as well. Have a notebook and pen handy to write down the cues as you hear them.

Coach Kyle Bissell

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