Set Up 2

This training session walks your through using a static strap to fine tune your coiling. Using a static strap assures that you will not have any drawing action (led by LAN2) mixed into the opening of the bow during Set Up. Set Up #2 is … Read MoreSet Up 2

Set Up 1

At the advanced level, Set Up is the most dynamic movement in the National Training System. Set Up requires the application of attention, skill, and care to successfully choreograph intention, breath, rhythm, and intensity control (software) with a range of corresponding motor movements (hardware). When … Read MoreSet Up 1

Nonlinear Pedagogy

Also watch the supplemental video to see NLP (and a handful of analogous cues) in action. Click here to read the full paper. Nonlinear Pedagogy involves presenting athletes with a goal or desired end point and then allowing athletes time to problem-solve ways in which … Read MoreNonlinear Pedagogy

Increasing Draw Weight

This article offers a specific model, Minimum Qualifying Movement (MQM), for coaches and athletes to use for: a) identifying when to increase limb resistance, b) verifying the increase is appropriate, and c) a progression for building sport-specific strength needed to achieve MQM. For Olympic and … Read MoreIncreasing Draw Weight