Set Up 2

This training session walks your through using a static strap to fine tune your coiling. Using a static strap assures that you will not have any drawing action (led by LAN2) mixed into the opening of the bow during Set Up.

Set Up #2 is the second video in a series on Set Up. I recommend you watch Set Up #1 before this video.

At the advanced level, Set Up is the most dynamic movement in the National Training System. Set Up requires the application of attention, skill, and care to successfully choreograph intention, breath, rhythm, and intensity control (software) with a range of corresponding motor movements (hardware).

When executed correctly, it is the step in the shot cycle where the most work is done to the bow AND Barrel of the Gun is formed; Without Barrel of the Gun, we are void of the skeletal alignment and therefore the ability for the mental calm needed to achieve the most important step in the shot cycle, Holding.

Train smart. Train hard. Train ugly.

Coach Kyle Bissell

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