Exceptional Young Archer

Every now and then I meet a youngster who is simply exceptional. Meet the latest one!

This young archer started archery with me in a private lesson because he is below the age minimum I require for group lessons; he is six years old. I knew something was special about this young archer within a few minutes of meeting him. One of the ways I test to see if a child’s brain and body have developed to a point that will allow them to find success in Archery is to perform the aperture method for determining eye dominance. This archer didn’t even hesitate with the task. If the child cannot figure out how to manipulate their hands into the position needed to conduct the aperture method Eye dominance test, then simple acts such as nocking an arrow and managing the bow in a safe and responsible manner and are not likely to follow.

This archer definitely broke all the rules about child development. We had a fantastic time! He stunned me with his: verbal and non verbal communication skills; ability to focus intently for 60-90 minutes; his fine and gross motor skills; his innate ability to find satisfaction in the art and form of archery without the need for external stimuli such as balloons. He is respectful to me and Interacts with other archers, including the adults, very well.

During our last lesson together I changed his hook and anchor. He now has a split finger hook and his anchor moved from the side of the cheek to below the jaw, as you can see in the photos. The transition seemed remarkably natural for him. And I also started him with an open stance and Annie’s already rotating his score above a stable base.

He’s using a 48 inch bow, 10-12# draw, with the finger sling and Easton Jazz 1214 aluminum arrows with feathers.

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