Amherst Archery Brings Home Gold

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Four more gold medals. Five Amherst Archery athletes traveled to Bass Pro Shops/AIM Archery in Hookset NH yesterday to compete and earned four gold medals. Gold feels good, for sure, though winning Gold does not indicate an athlete has reached their individual potential. I was moved yesterday by how specific and eager each of these athletes were, at the end of the tournament, about what aspect form they were going to work on next. I love working with athletes that are so dedicated and self-reflective.

Congratulations to Lynn Oberbillig: this was her first tournament. Ethan Callihan, your focus on LAN 2 and reaching “C” spot paid off as your follow through look stronger. Zach Dutton, you had some of the best alignment I’ve seen you have, combined with a stronger follow through, and that led to your perfect 30, with two X’s and a 10. Weaver, your self-awareness of wrist angle/hook combined with focus on getting to “C” spot landed you a very consistent grouping. Colvin, your familiarity with being in tournament settings, your calm, your warm nature towards your fellow athletes from other teams – you are a grounding, consistent force at AAA. Thank you all.

In attendance: Ethan Callihan, Cadet Compound; David Weaver, Masters, Olympic Recurve; Cerji Colvin, Senior, Barebow; Lynn Oberbillig, Masters+, Barebow; Zach Dutton, Cadet, Olympic Recurve.

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